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The only predictive call center fully integrated with Go High Level. a.k.a GHL

Unlimited Texting & Calling No more per message or per minute fees

Concept & Functionality of Call center integration

This video is a brief overview of the concept, and some of the functionality of the Go High Level call center integration

Finally! Receive Calls inside of Go High Level

1. No more spam phone numbers.
2. Receive inbound calls, & IVR’s inside of Go High Level Today!

We love Go High Level, but it is lacking phone functionality. You cannot answer the phone inside of GHL, until now. Welcome to the Go High Level Call Center. Preview dial leads 1 by 1, or auto dial multiple leads at once.
We build the call center around your needs. No two call centers have the exact same requirements. 

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Why you need a Go High Level call center Today?

As Go High Level agency owners, You owe your clients a better phone experience for their leads. You have no real analytics to explain what is happening on your calls.
Analytics like Calls per hour, Sales per hour, Sales per agent per hour, Agent talk time, Customer talk time just to name a few. 

Our Services

All of our services are centered around saving agencies money. We love and care for all of our clients. We do things differently here at the Most of the services here, you can’t even mention in the Facebook group. So please see the value in what we’re trying to educate you about. Everything we do is centered around saving your agency money.
Just think about it for a moment. Unlimited phone calls for a flat fee. Unlimited text messaging for a flat fee. AI voice assistants for a flat fee. To send a text message, you pay $0.02 per message. To make and receive phone calls, you pay per minute. You pay every time you send an email. If you use AI to suggest something to you, you pay for every suggestion.

AI Voice Assistant (A.I.V.A) integration

This is a custom built (A.I.V.A) AI Voice Assistant. This is NOT a GHL bot. Chat GPT, Anthropic, and Gemma are connected to our A.I.V.A. The assistant can take phone calls and much more

unlimited sms integration

Unlimited text messaging with our Go High Level integration. Flat monthly rate allows you to send as many messages as you need without worrying about escalating cost

Unlimited calling integration

$125 Per month per user. Phone numbers in every country. No Regulatory bundle required. Works great on your mobile phone. Stop overpaying for these services

Every business needs a phone system

Please keep in mind this is a complete business telephone system inside of your Go High Level crm. There is extreme value in using it as an answering service. Unlimited IVR’s or a.k.a (auto attendants) you will never miss another call.

Receive inbound calls in Go High Level Now!

Take the hint folks, Go High Level is not meant for efficient calling.  😠

Manage your leads effortlessly

The Call Center and Go High Level  are synchronized in real time. No Zapier or Pabbly needed. You can import your leads as normal

Make data-driven decisions with impact

Customize your reports and get insight to keep up with your most important KPIs. Know what leads convert the best.

All CAll Center activity is updated in GHL

Was it a answering machine, VM, wrong #, busy signal, ect? Leads will be tagged in Go High Level . Workflow can be triggered also

Instantly add these 20 features to your Go high level Now!

Complete control of all inbound call traffic.

Go High Level call center can set up separate inbound campaigns. The campaigns are  based on the phone number the leads call in on. You can ring every agent who is logged in the system and ring them on their mobile phone with our app. We recommend 1st come 1st serve over round robin. Keeps the agents focused

Another option is the ability to block or redirect inbound calls coming into Go High Level Call Center based upon their phone number

No More twilio

We are a Telephony ISV. You will use our phone lines and phone numbers for outbound calling. Doing so ensures your calls will be delivered to the leads that you dial

If you have existing phone numbers, you may use those also

Ready to have more impactful conversations?

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