A.I. Voice Assistant

The Ultimate Showdown: Go High Level Chatbot vs. Custom-Built Go High Level Voice Assistant

Introducing a new era in CRM automation! Let’s break down the battle between the traditional Go High Level chatbot and our custom-built Go High Level Voice Assistant, crafted by the Go High Level Call Center team. Here’s a fun, upbeat comparison highlighting the game-changing differences:


Go High Level Chatbot

A.I. Voice Assistant

1. Pay-Per-Message? Not Here!

Charges $0.02 per message sent to contacts or suggestions shown to the sub-account user, making every interaction a little pricey.

 Say goodbye to per-message fees! Enjoy unlimited interactions without breaking the bank.

2. Powered by OpenAI

Standard AI functionality.

Supercharged with OpenAI. Engage in intelligent, human-like conversations that take user experience to the next level. Plus, get 2.5 million OpenAI tokens monthly for your use!

3. Google Sheets Integration

Charges every time you send or receive data to or from a Google Sheet, adding up additional fees.

Seamlessly integrate with Google Sheets. Send and manage unlimited data for free, making data handling a breeze.

4. Voice Cloning with 11Labs

Basic text responses with no voice capabilities.

Enhance interactions with voice cloning from 11Labs. Create custom, recognizable voices that resonate with your brand, providing a truly interactive voice experience.

5. External API Calls? No Problem!

Requires third-party tools like Zapier, Make, or Pabbly for external integrations, leading to additional costs.

Directly make external API calls. No need for additional systems, saving you time and money.

6. Cost Efficiency

Costs add up with per-message fees, Google Sheets data fees, and third-party integrations.

Enjoy a cost-effective solution with no hidden fees, free Google Sheets integration, and powerful AI.

7. All-in-One Solution

Basic features requiring multiple tools to achieve advanced functionality, each with their own costs.

A comprehensive solution with all the bells and whistles. From intelligent conversations to seamless data management, it’s all here in one package.

8. Superior Language Models

Limited to Go High Level’s basic models.

Equipped with advanced language models like Claude, ChatGPT, and Gemini, offering unparalleled conversational depth and understanding.

9. WhatsApp Communication

Cannot communicate on WhatsApp.

Effortlessly communicate on WhatsApp, extending your reach and enhancing customer engagement across popular messaging platforms.

10. Seamless Calendar Integration

Limited calendar functionalities.

Instantly and seamlessly integrates with the Go High Level calendar, ensuring smooth appointment scheduling and management.

11. Natural Language Processing and Voice Interaction

Limited to text-based interactions.

The standout feature – voice communication! Speak to the voice assistant just like a person. With advanced natural language processing, it understands and responds to voice commands, making interactions seamless and human-like.

The Verdict?

Our custom-built Go High Level Voice Assistant isn’t just an upgrade; it’s a revolution! Ditch the fees, embrace unlimited potential, and experience a truly intelligent assistant designed to make your life easier and your business more efficient. From powerful language models and voice interaction to seamless WhatsApp communication and free Google Sheets integration, it’s time to level up with the Go High Level Call Center team’s masterpiece!


No Per-Message Fees


Powered by OpenAI with 2.5M Tokens/Month


Free Google Sheets Integration


Voice Cloning with 11Labs


Direct External API Calls


Cost-Effective Solution


All-in-One Comprehensive Tool


Superior Language Models


WhatsApp Communication


Seamless Calendar Integration


Natural Language Voice Interaction

1-Year Cost Savings Chart

Let’s break down the cost savings you can achieve over one year by choosing our custom-built Go High Level Voice Assistant over the traditional Go High Level chatbot.


Go High Level Chatbot

A.I. Voice Assistant

Per-Message Fees



Google Sheets Integration Fees



External API Integration Fees

Zapier, Make, Pabbly Costs


Voice Capabilities



Advanced Language Models



WhatsApp Integration



OpenAI Tokens

$50 or per message fees

2.5M Tokens/Month Free

Total Annual Costs

$$$$ (Variable High Costs)

$$$ (Fixed Low Costs)

By opting for our custom-built solution, you save on per-message fees, Google Sheets integration costs, and external API integration fees, while benefiting from advanced voice and language features that are not available with the standard Go High Level chatbot.

Ready to revolutionize your CRM experience?

Sign up for our custom-built Go High Level Voice Assistant today and start saving!

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