💣How to get 300% off Twilio’s per min cost of $0.014.

Go High Level, Want a huge Twilio discount?

The picture above is from the Twilio website. As you see it clearly states the available discount. We highlighted the areas you need to focus on. Go High Level users have the option to pay 300% less then they are paying now.

Your clients will love you for saving them so much $$$$. It is the stickiest product you can offer them. As a reward you will be granted additional phone functionality that Go High Level does not have.

  • 1 person can handle calls from all sub-accounts at the same time. (GHL can’t do that)
  • A real business telephony system with AI call routing for your team. (GHL can’t do that)
  • A real business IVR system without the GHL limitations.
  • Ring groups with unlimited agents. (GHL can’t do that)
  • Utilize existing phone numbers for calling. (GHL can’t do that)
  • Incoming Call Pop-Up with customer information. (GHL can’t do that)
  • Calling scripts that are dynamic with conditional logic. See your GHL custom fields live on the call.

So why would Twilio give such a huge discount? How come you did not know about this option?
Twilio provides the discount based on the system you are using to communicate with their system.
Look at the above photo It clearly states “Extend the full power of Twilio to your IP infrastructure and existing carrier numbers”.
The reason you do not know about this is because it is banned from discussion in the Go High Level Facebook group.
We are a group of telephony engineers. This is not new to use.
We are glad to assist you with your questions about this.

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